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Small credit test winner – Online loans in the test

Xpress credit test result

In life, it does not always have to be big financial wishes, much more often in everyday life smaller sums of money that are needed for the holiday or to set up the new apartment. But to cover the credit of the account is usually expensive and not worth it. Several banks have recognized the need for lower loan levels and are offering online small loans that can be used to finance less expensive requests. A comparison of the providers is also advisable here.

  • Small loans are cheaper than an overdraft
  • Loan period is clear
  • Loan amount is flexible
  • Not assigned

Small sums of money are financed by a small loan

Small sums of money are financed by a small loan

Anyone can really apply for a loan. The only requirements are a minimum age of 18 years, an account with a German bank and a residence in the Federal Republic and a German mobile number. This is not the case with many other providers and is particularly convincing. Through a loan calculator, you know immediately about the costs incurred and always have the overview. Even with slight Private credit entries, it is possible to obtain the instant loan of the agency of the Ferratum Bank. Xpresskredit decides individually on the approval of negative Private credit information depending on the score. Thus, the small credit Test winner proves its flexibility and is rightly at the forefront.