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Personal Loans without Private credit Information – Fast & Serious

The Private credit collects more and more data and today it is enough already an unpaid mobile bill to slip in Private credit scoring. The question of a personal loan without Private credit is thus becoming more and more important for more and more consumers. In answering this question, however, a distinction must be made between the classic personal loan of a bank and a loan from private to private.

  • A personal loan, ie a loan from a financial service provider to a private person, is entirely possible without Private credit information. In the credit test the corresponding companies are presented.
  • Loans from private to private are not possible without a Private credit request. However, a negative Private credit is much less restrictive than a bank. So there is still the chance of a loan.
  • Even if a bank declined a loan, there is a chance of getting a loan. However, do not be too optimistic when it comes to a loan despite bankruptcy.

Crediter and maxcredit. Both intermediaries work predominantly with Swiss financial service providers.

Personal loan without Schufa information

Personal loan is awarded without examination. Nevertheless, the award practice is much less restrictive than in Germany. The self-employed are much more likely to receive a loan than in Germany, provided that the provision of collateral is required. Workers have it even easier. As a rule, a salary assignment is sufficient as collateral, but should the lending rate become critical in terms of income level, provision of collateral is also necessary. Age of majority and residence in Germany are further prerequisites.

  • In Switzerland, there is no Private credit and thus neither Private credit query nor Private credit entry.
  • Although there is an audit of the credit rating, but this is much less restrictive than in Germany.
  • The self-employed must provide collateral for a loan, with employees usually a salary assignment is sufficient as collateral.

Of course, both intermediaries forego fees in advance and instead finance themselves, like brokers who work with German banks, from the performance fees. Since Private credit-free loans in Germany are still seen with suspicion, the settlement is done with the utmost discretion. In addition, a schafafreier personal loan is not only a solution to an unsuccessful loan request in Germany, but is also ideal as a side credit, if the Private credit file should not be unnecessarily burdened. This can be the case, for example, when planning a larger financing, for example when buying a house.

Creditend and Moneyor are two such credit marketplaces that focus on bringing together borrowers and private investors.



  • Loans from 1,000 to 75,000 € are possible.
  • Creditend offers a Best Price Guarantee that guarantees you get the cheapest loan.
  • Loan requests are completely free and, upon request, will provide a range of providers to match the loan.

Moneyor convinces in the test



  • The idea at Moneyor is that private investors invest in private borrowers and their projects.
  • Stiftung Warentest calls Moneyor a “real alternative to banks”.
  • There are over 50,000 private investors on the platform, which makes the outlook for a loan very good.
  • Moneyor has been successful in lending since 2007.

For borrowers, however, it is not possible here to get a loan from private to private without Private credit. The marketplace operators check the creditworthiness of the loan seekers, but do not set the admission criteria as strict as the local banks.

Since the lenders are private individuals, it remains up to them which risk they want to take. Only if the Private credit is very bad, there is a rejection. Borrowers and investors meet completely anonymously. It is up to the borrower to present his project and his creditworthiness so convincingly that even with a weak credit rating, he can persuade risk-averse investors to invest in his idea. Straight financing with lower volumes have best chances here.

  • On the credit markets, the credit application is not published only for very critical Private credit entries.
  • If the loan is concluded, there is no Private credit notification.
  • Even borrowers with poor credit ratings should have the chance to present themselves and their project.

Another advantage is the interest rate. This is given by the loan seeker himself and may well be below the interest that a bank would charge. However, the interest must also be in line with the market, otherwise the number of potential investors will remain rather clear. The security for the lenders is that the repatriation of the loan is overseen in a fiduciary capacity. The sale of the claim is also possible. Credit marketplaces are a real alternative to banks to get an audit of Private credit borrowers but not around.