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Our provider test for loans without Private credit query

Faster than expected, it may be necessary to take out a loan. However, this is a bit more difficult for certain groups of people. In the case of a negative Private credit entry or fluctuating income, a loan request often fails due to the bank’s credit check. One way out is to offer loans without a Private credit inquiry or proof of income, but consumers are very skeptical about this. We give tips on how to find reputable providers.

  • An online test provides only competent providers
  • Waiver of credit check only in connection with other collateral
  • Beware of upfront costs.

Mortgage loans or small loans also waive a credit check.

Credit without credit check

  • In the case of a mortgage loan, the deposited valuables serve as collateral, whereas in the case of Private credit-free microcredit loans, a guarantee often has to be taken out.

A second applicant with the necessary credit standing usually makes financial institutions willing to issue a loan. In the case of insolvency, the guarantor must pay the outstanding amounts. If the partner has enough economic opportunities to take the loan, it is also worth looking at a conventional installment loan. [internal link to the text “Private loans in the test”] The conditions are then often cheaper than a loan without Private credit query or proof of income.

Borrow money without a credit check

  • Stay away from loan offers that do not require any collateral.
  • For pre-payments and other fees in advance you should be skeptical.
  • Checking whether the customer can repay the amounts also serves the consumer as security.

A property can serve as collateral for a loan

A real estate may serve as collateral in the lending process

If you do not have the necessary financial leeway, you generally have to reconsider borrowing. Over-indebtedness can happen quickly if creditworthiness is insufficient. Please check your situation thoroughly before the inquiry. Authorized Private credit entries should not be hidden easily.