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Loan for the degree: intelligent investment on the future

Knowledge is the most precious asset and the gateway to new job opportunities, yet Italy is second to last in Europe by number of graduates. The distance between Italians and Universities is often a matter of money : many people in the past have given up a degree in front of the need to work immediately to pay a rent, buy a car, maintain their family.

How the labor market has changed

In the meantime, the labor market has changed and today many companies are looking for qualified people. Even for those who are a public or private employee to be able to count on a degree or specialization of study means having more opportunities for a career or the possibility of a better job.

Give up the study to work immediately or choose to study to get a better job in the future? Loans for graduation to public or private employees allow to solve this dilemma and seize the famous two birds with one stone! A loan for the study, in fact, can be granted to those who already have a job and in the past could not take a degree or a master’s degree. And it is an opportunity increasingly used by private and public employees, as shown by the data available.

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On the other hand is there a better investment than the one on oneself? In Italy, in the first five months of 2017, 60,000 applications for funding were submitted for the study for a total of approximately 169 million euro.

How to guarantee a future for themselves or their children?

Public employees and private employees can apply for a degree for both themselves and their children, guaranteeing them a course of study that in the near future will lead them to better access to the labor market. Receiving a fixed salary every month, it is possible to evaluate the formula of ” salary-backed salary “, an intelligent way to self-finance one’s education or that of one’s own children.

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