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Conditions Car loan in comparison

The Metabank is a pure private customer bank and holds among other things also a car loan ready, which offers many advantages and favorable conditions. However, according to our Metabank car loan experience, it is not available to everyone, because certain conditions must always be met. In this guidebook, we not only describe the requirements of the Metabank car loan from us, but also explain the conditions and explain how quickly an opening at Metabank can succeed.

  • Interest rate of 2.99 percent for everyone
  • Terms between 24 and 84 months freely selectable
  • Special repayments possible at any time free of charge
  • Car letter can be kept
  • Rate breaks are possible for up to three months

This offers a pretty good auto insurance.

This offers a pretty good auto insurance.

Therefore, we can state that the bank offers relatively cheap interest for everyone. The term can even be up to seven years. The loan can be paid from 5,000 euros meanwhile. The monthly installment always depends on the term and the loan amount. There are also all the advantages in terms of flexibility:

  • Early loan repayment possible at any time free of charge
  • Monthly rate can be increased and reduced free of charge
  • Loan increases and installment breaks are feasible
  • Special repayments possible at no extra cost
  • the car letter does not have to be delivered

“Credit During the Trial: Steps to the Goal” , we provide information on how to get credit anyway. There are already some requirements for the car loan, but these can be partially easily met. However, not everyone can apply for a car loan.

Fixed-term employment contract or a low income. Other reasons are listed in this guide. After a rejection, you can try it in peace and quiet. A comparison for car loans, there are also here .