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Loan for the degree: intelligent investment on the future

Knowledge is the most precious asset and the gateway to new job opportunities, yet Italy is second to last in Europe by number of graduates. The distance between Italians and Universities is often a matter of money : many people in the past have given up a degree in front of the need to work…

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Our provider test for loans without Private credit query

Faster than expected, it may be necessary to take out a loan. However, this is a bit more difficult for certain groups of people. In the case of a negative Private credit entry or fluctuating income, a loan request often fails due to the bank’s credit check. One way out is to offer loans without…

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Best Personal Loans in Alicante

If we live in Alicante, generally, at some point in our lives we need the help and support of lenders to start a project, solve some unexpected expenses or make a favorable investment. This situation usually tends to scare us, because we do not know the possible loans in Alicante that we can access and…

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Conditions Car loan in comparison

The Metabank is a pure private customer bank and holds among other things also a car loan ready, which offers many advantages and favorable conditions. However, according to our Metabank car loan experience, it is not available to everyone, because certain conditions must always be met. In this guidebook, we not only describe the requirements of…

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Small credit test winner – Online loans in the test

In life, it does not always have to be big financial wishes, much more often in everyday life smaller sums of money that are needed for the holiday or to set up the new apartment. But to cover the credit of the account is usually expensive and not worth it. Several banks have recognized the…

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Loans in Cordoba

The economy in Spain is not only in Barcelona or Madrid, and before this boom in financial options, loans in Cordoba appear in the panorama as a great alternative for all those people who wish to pay certain bills and even for entrepreneurs. More and more lenders in Cordoba are willing to give a loan,…

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