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Urgent Loan Financiers in Leon

Times have changed and with them, it is getting easier to get money to be able to advance a business or pay an invoice without having to go through a bank. In the digital age, it is possible to get benefits everywhere, and small cities do not escape this, so getting loans in León is…

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Policy Loan Experiences

Since 2003 Biofinance offers the alternative to the loan. They support life insurance lending, allowing them to survive. In addition to their own interests, they offer the opportunities to other companies and investors, which is to the advantage of the customer. This applies to the sale of life insurance, which is no longer absolutely necessary…

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Pay off your smartphone: installment or personal loan?

Smartphones are an integral part of everyday life. If you only want to make calls and send text messages, you can also use a simple mobile phone, which is already available for little money. However, if you want a more exclusive model with Internet access and many tools, or if you want to use the…

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More loans granted in the second quarter

In the second quarter of 2018, 4.5 percent more loans were granted than in the same period of the previous year. In total, individuals and businesses received loans worth € 27.47 billion. Interest rates were 0.44 percent higher than in the second quarter of the previous year. However, many consumers could have saved significantly by…

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